The Fragment Room
3 Balestier Road S329671

Roadside parking on
Race Course Rd & Tessensohn Rd

Parking lot at CSC Tessensohn
6.00am to 5.59pm — $2.00 per hour
6.00pm to 3.00am — $4.00 per entry
Motorcycles — $1.50 per entry

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday, 1pm to 10pm


What is The Fragment Room?

It is a safe space where you can break and smash things to your heart’s desire.

What’s the idea behind it?

Living in a fast-paced city like Singapore can be extremely taxing and we tend to hold in our frustrations and anger with no outlet to release it. However, if you force yourself to be civil just to fit in with the norm, you might just lose yourself as a person. Hence, the idea of The Fragment Room is born. Release your suppressed anger in a safe and judgment-free zone and feel so much better right after. It is not rocket science, just the new age of anger therapy. Ditch your rigid lifestyle and let it all out. This is exactly what you need.

Why Anger Therapy?

You come in to release your suppressed emotions, and also, we’re here as friends to listen if you want to talk. 

Since you are decked out in safety gear, you’ll be fine. The only way you will hurt yourself is if you intentionally do so. Try to avoid that...please.

What kind of stuff can I break?

Plates, cups, vases, television sets, radio sets and other electronic appliances.

How much does a session here cost?

From S$38 onwards. Click the “Book” tab to select your desired package!

Isn’t it a waste to break so many things?

Our supplies are mostly already on their way to the scrap yards, we buy them over and let you guys have some fun.

Can I play my own music while breaking things?

Of course, just plug it into the speakers and start smashing!

Can anyone participate in this?

Yes, if you are over the age of 18.

Can I burn things while breaking them?

No...that’s arson. You should never do that!

Can I bring my own items?

Yes, you will be charged an extra S$15. No trolleys allowed, just what you can physically carry.

What if I'm afraid the dust might affect my health?

We provide masks if you need it.

Can I film inside the room?

You can film only with your phone camera. Professional equipment or vlogging is not allowed. We charge a commercial hourly rate if you choose to film inside. Email us at info@thefragmentroom.com for more information.

What footwear is safe for the rage room?

Come in covered shoes and socks, preferably footwear that you do not mind being dirtied. We do have composite toe safety boots for rent at the store.

Can we have more than 2 people in the room?

The rooms are only 110sqf and can safely and comfortably only fit 2 people at any given time.


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